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Mastering Rates (as of 2020)

Below are the base prices for mastering that includes delivery of PCM files (wav or aiff) for streaming and/or CD, and compressed files (mp3) for reference/licensing and two round of revisions.

Apple Digital Masters, AAC files, FLAC files, metadata creation, instrumental/radio/alt versions, DDP files for CD replication, vinyl and cassette premasters, and further revisions cost additional charges.

Stereo Mastering:

Album Mastering flat rates:

30-40 minutes: $400

40-50 minutes: $500

50-60 minutes: $600

60-70 minutes: $700

Per track:

Under 6 Minutes:


Between 6-to-12 Minutes:


Between 12-to-18 minutes:


For tracks more than 18 minutes or albums that don’t fit in the categories above, please get in touch.

Stem Mastering:

Depending on the project, stem mastering usually takes around twice (or more) the time a stereo master takes. For an approximate base figure, simply double the rates above. You will, however, receive a quote tailored to what your project demands (number of stems and how much the mix achieves the ideal sonic result - therefore how much stem-based processing and parameter automation it requires - are the main factors to determine the customized rate)

Educational discounts up to 50% for students only are available upon receipt of proof of enrollment in a higher education program in music, sound, or performing arts.