2021 Mastering Rates 

Below are the base prices for mastering that include delivery of PCM files (wav or aiff) for streaming and/or CD, and compressed files (mp3) for reference/licensing, and two round of revisions.

Apple Digital Masters, metadata creation, instrumental/radio/alt versions, DDP files for CD replication, vinyl and cassette premasters, and further revisions cost additional charges.

Please scroll to the bottom to see the rates for additional services.

Stereo Mastering:

Per track:

Under 6 Minutes:


Between 6-to-12 Minutes:


Between 12-to-18 minutes:


Album Mastering Approximate Rates:

(consider a window of +/-$50 depending on the project)

30-40 minutes: $425

40-50 minutes: $525

50-60 minutes: $625

60-70 minutes: $725

For tracks more than 18 minutes or albums that don’t fit in the categories above, please get in touch.

Stem Mastering:

Depending on the project, stem mastering usually takes around twice (or more) the time a stereo master takes. For an approximate base figure, simply double the rates above. You will, however, receive a quote tailored to what your project demands (number of stems and how much the mix achieves the ideal sonic result - therefore how much stem-based processing and parameter automation it requires - are the main factors to determine the customized rate)

Additional Rates:

Apple Digital Masters: $10/track

Alternative versions: $20/track

Metadata Creation: $5/track 

DDP Files for CD Duplication: 10% of the album mastering rate

Vinyl or Cassette Premasters: $20/track

Revisions after the first two: $20/revision