Boston-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Kev Pastell's debut single "Down" is out on GERYON imprint!

Live on Bandcamp and available on all platforms on May 12.

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​​molaq as seen on ​Experimental Sound Studio Chicago

”[Power’s music is] a boundary-breaker, constituting one of the best things coming from the label in some time.“

​- Dusted Magazine, ​Diligence

Two astonishing releases by the composer/performer Ian Power are out on Edition Wandelweiser and Carrier Records imprints. Both records were mastered by Murat​ at Geryon Sound.

Co-produced and mixed by Murat​ at Geryon Sound, "Charred Edifice Shining" by Mauricio Pauly feat. Distractfold is out on Uluuul Records and dFolds.

​​news/events 🗓

Artist talk at the Kent State University Hugh A. Glauser School of Music - 03/29.

Music Production Lecture and Masterclass - Simon

Fraiser University Music & Sound Program - 03/11-18-25.

Molaq Live: Electronic set with Experimental Sound Studio Chicago - 03/07/21.

GERYON label showcase on Lower Grand Radio - 01/22-26/21

Stream mixes by Muxer, Halcyon, Kev Pastell, Immortal Science & Holy Room on GERYON Mixcloud.

Mixed and mastered by Murat, the GERYON - Property Materials joint release "split" by Muxer and J. Bagist is out digitally and on cassette!

The Threshing Floor/Plastic Disorder CD by Pauly, Diez-Fischer and scapegoat is out on New Focus Recordings as mixed and co-produced by Murat Çolak. 

Studio recording of SWAN with Ensemble Dal Niente (postponed due to COVID-19)

"Artillery" by the Boston-based instrument designer Muxer is out on GERYON imprint as mixed and mastered by Murat Çolak.

The bay-Area based dj/producer/sound designer 
HALCYON's debut EP
  "This is What Love Sounds Like to Me"

is out on GERYON imprint. The record carries Murat's signature as the chief engineer and the executive producer.

GERYON LABEL is launched and online! Submit your demos here!

​​​ICEcommons ​Artist in Residence 2020-21

​Artist in Residence @ the Corporation of Yaddo 07/19


Album recording w/ Christian Smith and Linda Jankowska 05/19

NPCI  @  Festival of New American Music 11/07/18

Residency @ AFMI w/ Christian Smith 07/21-29/18

AT ÖLÜR & DJ set @ Constellation Chicago 06/02/18

SWAN in NYC - 02/19/18