composer • audio mixing & mastering engineer

murat çolak

​​​Boston-based instrument builder Muxer's bleeding-edge    electronic debut "Sandcastle" is out now on GERYON imprint!

The record was mixed and mastered by Murat.

​​GERYON LABEL is launched and online! Submit your demos here!

​​​​⛧ ICEcommons ​Artist in Residence 2019-20

​​ ​Artist in Residence @ the Corporation of Yaddo 07/19

 VIRTUALLYREALITY Presents: SWAN 06/08/19​

 Album recording w/ Christian Smith and Linda Jankowska 05/19

⛧ NPCI @  Festival of New American Music 11/07/18.

 Residency @ AFMI w/ Christian Smith 07/21-29/18

 AT ÖLÜR & DJ set @ Constellation Chicago 06/02/18

 SWAN in NYC - 02/19/18