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news & calendar 🗓

Artist talk and Q&A at DePauw University School of Music - 04/26/23.

Guest lecture on audio mastering at Columbia University Computer Music Center "Sound: Advanced Topics" class - 04/12/23

Premiere performance of "LAV: Death is Not Final", a new 32-minute electroacoustic piece I wrote for the International Contemporary Ensemble - 04/05/23 @ Roulette Intermedium

Music Production Lecture and Masterclass - Simon
Fraiser University 
Music & Sound Program - 03/02-09-16/23

Panelist, NYPhil Department of Education and NYC Summer Arts Institute career panel - 05/12/2022

"object / animal" by Ensemble Dal Niente featuring "SWAN" is featured on Bandcamp's "Best Contemporary Classical" - 04/27/22

Lecture "Multi-track Mixing and Mastering" Pomona College  - 03/02/22

Music Production Lecture and Masterclass - Simon
Fraiser University Music &
Sound Program - 03/17-24-31/22

Guest lecturer "Intro to Digital Music: Mixing and Mastering" at Columbia University - 04/12,-14/22

Ensemble Dal Niente Performs NPCI  @  Frequency Festival Chicago 02/27/22

International Contemporary Ensemble performs new work "Lav" at Sonic Matter Festival in Zürich - 12/02/21

Guest lecturer "Intro to Digital Music: Mixing and Mastering" at Columbia University - 11/30, 12/02/21

Music Production Lecture and Masterclass "Mastering for Composers and Producers" - UC Berkeley Music Department - 11/04-11-18/21

Artist talk at the Group for New Music at Harvard University - 09/20/21

Lecture "What is Audio Mastering" at UB Klein Family School of Communications Design - 09/28/21

Artist talk at University of Baltimore Klein Family School of Communications Design - 09/23/21

Studio recording of SWAN in Chicago w/ Ensemble Dal Niente - 07/03-07/21

Workshop and recording of new evening-length piece with International Contemporary Ensemble at The New School - 06/21-22/21

Artist talk at the Kent State University Hugh A. Glauser School of Music - 03/29/21

Music Production Lecture and Masterclass - Simon

Fraiser University Music & Sound Program - 03/11-18-25/21

Molaq Live: Electronic set with Experimental Sound Studio Chicago - 03/07/21

GERYON label showcase on Lower Grand Radio - 01/22-26/21

Stream mixes by Muxer, Halcyon, Kev Pastell, Immortal Science & Holy Room on GERYON Mixcloud.

GERYON LABEL is launched and online! Submit your demos here!

​​​ICEcommons ​Artist in Residence 2020-23

​Artist in Residence @ the Corporation of Yaddo - 07/19

VIRTUALLYREALITY Presents: SWAN - 06/08/19​

Album recording w/ Christian Smith and Linda Jankowska - 05/19

NPCI  @  Festival of New American Music - 11/07/18

Residency @ AFMI w/ Christian Smith - 07/21-29/18

AT ÖLÜR & DJ set @ Constellation Chicago - 06/02/18

SWAN in NYC - 02/19/18


NY-Based Immortal Science’s sophomore EP weaves together dub techno and breakbeat hardcore influences into a rave-tinged tapestry of skittering claps and throwback vocal hooks. Executive-produced and mastered by Murat Çolak, "God Mode" EP is out on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms!

I answered Tobias Fischer's questions on sound, music, and life for the Berlin-based 15 Questions. You can read this fun chat here.



​​Berkeley-based producer, sound-artoist HALCYON's debut LP "The will to nurture is now out on GERYON imprint!

Mastered by Murat Çolak, the album is live now on Bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms!


I talked to one of my favorite audio brands, the Santa Ana- based headphone manufacturer Audeze about music, technology, and life. You can read it here.

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Executive-produced and mastered by Murat Çolak, the new "God Mode Remixes" compilation brings together 10 different artists, including Murat as "ottogoth", reinterpreting the title track from Immortal Science's sophomore EP. Available on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.



Mixed and mastered by Murat, "Archon", a first of its kind album of music for violin, percussion and machine learning environment by AI audio researcher Marek Poliks and violinist Roberto Alonso is out on NEOS., and is available on streaming platforms.

​​Kev Pastell's debut EP "MUTT" is now out on GERYON imprint!

Produced by Muxer, and mixed + mastered by Murat Çolak.

Live now on Bandcamp and on all streaming platforms  December 15th!

Chicago's premiere contemporary music group Ensemble Dal Niente's new portrait CD "object/animal" is out now in digital download and CD formats!

Mastered by Murat Çolak, the album includes composer's epic "SWAN" and came out on March 25th on SideBand Records.